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Design Process / Tastings

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We recommend that you get in touch with us at least 2 weeks prior to your event to begin a custom cake ordering process. If you have an invitation or rough image you would like us to incorporate in your cake design, please send it to us. Please include images of your theme, dress, colors, flowers, venue and anything else we can use for inspiration, as well. Also, if you have favorite cake design from my cake gallery, please let me know. 


However, if you are not sure what you would like, that is fine, too! We will help you find the right and unique design for your event.  

As we proceed through the design process, we will develop the design of your cake with you and, typically, we will describe and/or make reference to images in order to provide an idea of how your cake will look. Design sketches for your cake, and revisions to design sketches, will only be provided at the discretion of Soul Cake LLC and not upon client's demand. 

Please note that our cake galleries are not intended to serve as a catalogue for ordering; they simply exhibit examples of cakes that we have done in the past and may include designs that we no longer offer for sale. Cake design is an art. Every cake that we create is unique and the techniques and processes that are used to produce designs are constantly evolving and so designs that were produced in the past may no longer be possible.

Also, please note that we’re not able to offer every cake size/design, and pastries, all year round; our offerings are based on week to week and seasonal availability. Furthermore, we do have order  minimums and limitations that may apply depending on the time for which you would like to place your order. To check our availability and offerings, please get in touch with us.



We offer tastings for wedding and event cake orders of 50 or more servings. Four cake flavors will be provided for 2 people. The four flavors, determined at the discretion of Soul Cake LLC, are usually a selection of our most popular flavors. Please email for more information.





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